Summer update

Hiiiiie, I missed you. Here's what I've been up to!

-  I'm working on a new animated series for Netflix called Tuca & Bertie, starring Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong! Not sure when it'll air yet, but we're designing, animating, recording, and feeding the birds lots of worms, so sit tight, it's coming!


- BoJack Season 5 is coming out this September 14th! That's SOON!!! On Netflix!


This season is VERY good. Check out that pretty lizard woman in a lilac dress I designed, isn't she great? Stop gawking at that blood on BoJack's chest, don't worry about that. Lookit the pretty lizard.

- My new comic book, Coyote Doggirl, is coming out August 21. That's VERY SOON!!!! It's a surreal, silly, sad Western. I've even heard some people calling it a "graphic novel."

Coyote Doggirl is very much for adults, even though the bright colors appeal to children. Sorry about that.

I'm doing a handful of events and readings here and there in the next few months, more info on that coming soon!

- This coffee table book, BoJack Horseman: The Art Before The Horse, will be released September 4.

It was written and edited brilliantly by Chris McDonnell and it's jam-packed full of sketches, storyboards, background artwork, and funny conversations with all the other beautiful fools who work on this show. 

- That's it for now! Have a great Summer and please invite me to swim in your swimming pools, grottos and lagoons. 



Hot Dog Taste Tour!

Hi hot dog fans!

Whether you like ball park sport dogs, bacon-wrapped street woofs, organic nitrate-free grocery store pups, or tofu digglers, the fact is that I'll be flapping around next week to peddle my new book. 

Here are the locations and dates:

A few more details HERE.  I'll be reading funny, slideshow-enhanced excerpts, talking to some excellent people (Anna Holmes in NY!! Chris Ying in SF!! Ryan Sands in Oakland!!), doing Q&As, and signing books! 

Truthfully, book signings are weird & intense & you have to wait in line before approaching the author while they're sitting at a table, which never feels natural, and sometimes bookstores only have one bathroom and it's behind a creaky door which requires the use of a bathroom key attached to an extra-large novelty object keychain. This is not the bookstores' fault, it's all part of a long contract one has to sign when opening & managing a bookstore. Stores get fined very heavily if the bathroom key is not attached to a object at least 10 inches long and/or flamboyant enough to loudly advertise a customer's journey to the bathroom. If wd-50 is applied to the bathroom door's hinges, a bookseller can lose their license to sell anything by Marie Kondo. It's all strictly regulated and terribly unfair in my opinion.

For all these reasons I'm extra-large touched when people come out to see me. I'm so happy to see your faces and be a bunch of weird humans together!

See you soon, L

Toronto Comics Art Festival

I'm coming to Toronto for TCAF this weekend!

Here's my schedule. Come see me, hear me blurble and blab on a panel or two, and get your advance copy of Hot Dog Taste Test  signed!

Saturday, May 14th
11:00am-12pm    I'm signing with Jillian Tamaki at the D+Q Booth 
2:45-3:45pm     Niche Comics panel w/ Kate Beaton, Erika Moen & Lucy Bellwood at The Pilot, (22 Cumberland St, across from the library)
3:45pm-4:45pm    Signing at the D+Q Booth


Sunday, May 15th
    Lisa Hanawalt SPOTLIGHT panel w/ Anna Fitzpatrick at Marriott High Park II/III Ballrooms
12:15pm-1:15pm    Signing at the D+Q Booth
 Food & Comics panel at Marriott High Park II/III Ballroom

See you there!!




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