Hot Dog Taste Tour!

Hi hot dog fans!

Whether you like ball park sport dogs, bacon-wrapped street woofs, organic nitrate-free grocery store pups, or tofu digglers, the fact is that I'll be flapping around next week to peddle my new book. 

Here are the locations and dates:

A few more details HERE.  I'll be reading funny, slideshow-enhanced excerpts, talking to some excellent people (Anna Holmes in NY!! Chris Ying in SF!! Ryan Sands in Oakland!!), doing Q&As, and signing books! 

Truthfully, book signings are weird & intense & you have to wait in line before approaching the author while they're sitting at a table, which never feels natural, and sometimes bookstores only have one bathroom and it's behind a creaky door which requires the use of a bathroom key attached to an extra-large novelty object keychain. This is not the bookstores' fault, it's all part of a long contract one has to sign when opening & managing a bookstore. Stores get fined very heavily if the bathroom key is not attached to a object at least 10 inches long and/or flamboyant enough to loudly advertise a customer's journey to the bathroom. If wd-50 is applied to the bathroom door's hinges, a bookseller can lose their license to sell anything by Marie Kondo. It's all strictly regulated and terribly unfair in my opinion.

For all these reasons I'm extra-large touched when people come out to see me. I'm so happy to see your faces and be a bunch of weird humans together!

See you soon, L